The Perfect Red Lip

THE PERFECT RED LIP FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! Red lipstick on Valentine’s Day is like cream cheese icing on a cupcake; they’re both classic. ...

Red lipstick on Valentine’s Day is like cream cheese icing on a cupcake; they’re both classic. But, as classic as it may be, red lipstick can be tough to pull off.  Fear not! Following are 3 easy tips to help you master this look so you can get your lips red – and ready – for Valentine’s Day!

TIP #1: Choose the right shade of red – for you!
Nothing says glamour quite like a gorgeous red lip. But, finding the right shade of red can be hard AF a challenge. Have you ever tried on a lipstick that looked amazing on your friend, but when you tried it on yourself it looked like a completely different shade and in fact made you look tired and washed-out? Grrrrrr.
So, why is it so hard to find the perfect red? It all comes down to finding the perfect red lipstick shade for YOU. Not one that looks good on your neighbour, your mom or the woman at the grocery store. One that looks fabulous on you. And, it’s out there, trust me.

You have to find a red that flatters your skins’ natural undertone.
What’s an undertone, you ask? Your skins’ undertone refers to the “colour” that comes through your skin from underneath the surface. You are either: warm (yellow/golden), cool (pink/blue) or neutral (mix of both warm & cool). Here’s how to determine which undertone you are:
Take a look at the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear blue then you have a cool undertone. If they look more green, then you are warm. And, if they look both blue and green – or you can’t really tell – then you’re probably neutral.
Another test you can try is with jewelry. Do you look better in gold or silver?
If you prefer the way gold looks against your skin, you’re warm. Silver, cool.
And if you enjoy wearing both, neutral. Fun right!?
Alright, so now that you’ve determined your skins’ undertone, you’re one step closer to finding your perfect red!

If you have a WARM undertone, look for a warm shade of red that has a yellow/orange base. Think “tomato” and “fire-engine red”.
If you have a COOL undertone – look for a cool shade of red that has a blue/pink base, like: magenta, raspberry or fuchsia. 
And, if you have a NEUTRAL undertone, you can wear any shade of red – as you look great in both warm and cool tones.
And, when in doubt – a ‘true red’ (which is the perfect mix of warm and cool) looks great on just about everyone! Yeah!

TIP #2: Apply with precision
Red is one of those shades that requires precision. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush starting from the middle of the lip working outwards.  For a crisp clean look never go above your own natural lip line.

To help create the perfect shape, apply a lip liner in the exact same shade as your lipstick, after you’ve applied your lipstick.  This will help it to glide on super easy and looks really natural, all while giving your lips definition.

If needed, clean the edges with a little bit of concealer and a pointed concealer brush to make the edges look flawless.

Lastly, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess product and to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth – because nothing is sexy about that!

TIP #3: All eyes are on your lips
When wearing red all eyes are on your lips. Keep the rest of your face makeup soft and natural in order to keep all the attention on your new red lips. After all, you went through so much effort to find the perfect shade, now it’s time to show them off!

Most importantly, remember that red lipstick isn’t just a shade – it’s an attitude. So, wear it with confidence and have fun!
Happy Valentine’s Day beauties!
Sandy Gold

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